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Coaching Students for Career Success

Students, are you...

Wondering how to find a meaningful job?  Have your studies prepared you?  What is the right career for you?  Does your resume need work?  Not getting responses when job searching?

Parents, are you...

Concerned about your student?  Are they prepared for the real world?  Will they be able to find a good job?  How can you help insure they succeed?

Y ou’re right to be concerned.  Students face unprecedented challenges in today’s rapidly changing, global economy. According to the US Bureau of Labor, the jobless rate for college graduates has more than doubled in the past 5 years.  The statistics reveal what we all know…..the 21st century workplace has changed.

The good news is that there are still lots of jobs. And unlimited opportunities.

It’s just that the old rules don’t work. Having a college degree or a 4.0 GPA is no longer enough. With high unemployment, increased competition, globalization and industries requiring new technology – it’s harder to secure a job, much less a dream job.  The skills that employers seek and even the types of job opportunities available are in a constant state of flux.

Students need to be equipped with the right tools to navigate their way into meaningful careers. And Colleges focused on academic pathways are not adequately preparing students in the skills they need for the job market.  To be prepared students need the guidance from experts who are knowledgeable and keep up on the latest career industry trends.

Getting Students Ready for the Real World


Why Coaching?

Change is defining the times we live in. And it is the ability to adapt to change that will define how successful anyone is in pursuing a career. The new workplace relies on everyone being proactive, adapting and preparing by learning relevant skills, obtaining the necessary knowledge, building relationships, etc.

More than just learning how to find a job, students need to learn how to manage their careers…to set goals, do self-assessments, develop skills, seek out opportunities, research industries, develop stategies…. It’s a process that will continue throughout a lifetime.

Getting guidance from those around them – parents, teachers and mentors is key. A Career Coach helps students learn the tools to build a career in a changing world. Read more Frequently Asked Questions.

Student Success Stories

Students have been programmed from early childhood to believe that as long as they do well in school, stay the course and prove their intellectual abilities throughout college, they will succeed in life. Many SCC students have done just that, but it wasn’t solely by proving themselves in academia that they have succeeded in the outside world.

SCC students have learned about the importance of taking responsibility for their future. And they’ve learned how to overcome obstacles that prevented them from taking next steps in their career development. They have shown great courage and have worked hard to achieve their goals. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments and invite you to read some of their Student Success Stories..

Student Career Coaching Services

What differentiates one candidate from another? In the job search market, each jobseeker needs to learn how to distinguish themself from the competition. That’s exactly what students need to do. When seeking a job or an internship, everything a student does communicates their value and their 'brand'. Whether it’s with a well-crafted resume, compelling cover letter, job search and networking strategies, interviewing or more…. With Student Career Coaching, students learn how to effectively market themself with confidence. Read more about our comprehensive career services.

Student Success Stories

"Working with Deborah was a great success. Even though we never met in person (our coaching sessions were via computer), she really took the time to get to know me, to understand my goals and objectives. I was fresh out of college, in a job I wasn’t happy with and Deborah helped me analyze my strengths and interests so I could better structure my thoughts and actions to make a career change. She encouraged me to network, giving me techniques on how to do it…and helped me with several rewrites of my resume and cover letters. Her coaching is deeply personal, reflective and very professional. I’m grateful to Deborah for helping me move into a new position that seems a much better fit!"

FREDERIK, Graduate, George Washington University

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